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Michael and Jim

MikeJimBS.jpg (43259 bytes)

Here's a picture of us. If you can’t guess, Jim's the ‘big’ guy. This picture was taken at one of our favorite locations to party— Backstreet in Detroit. We love to dance and party, but we also have our serious sides. We try to schedule trips to places we’ve never been every year. We've been to New York, San Francisco, the Florida Keys, Chicago, New Orleans, and Toronto, Canada.  We enjoyed a three week European vacation recently, and went back in May 2002 for the Queen's Jubilee!


MikeHouse.jpg (582144 bytes)

We've recently bought a House in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan.  This is the smallest 'city' in Michigan, mainly because when the freeway (696) came through, it took 1/2 the city out!  It's also in the center of most things, and we love it!  (Not to mention that it has the highest gay per-capita in the state.

wpe1.jpg (98423 bytes)

Michael is an aspiring musician/artist. He plays the piano, and many reed instruments. His favorite pastimes (besides me) is to play and sing on the piano for hours. Much of what he plays is based on the music he has heard recently. He loves to listen to a song and within a matter of 1-2 hours, is able to play it fluently while singing it.  

He loves to dance! And can he dance! (I get tired just watching...)  Michael has been getting into the weight lifting and roller blading, and has he filled out!

He is also a wonderful Artist!  I'm amazed at the things we have around the house that he 'just threw together.'  I'm trying to get him to open a shop, but we'll see!  He's just going back to school after a number of years.  Maybe a business degree?  We'll see!


wpe2.jpg (12715 bytes)


Jim is a board certified Emergency Room Doctor at  a suburban hospital in Metro Detroit.  He's very proud of his accomplishments.   He also plays music, and we love to get together to make beautiful music!

His pastimes (besides Michael) are weight lifting, computers, roller-blading and photography.  Unfortunately, his job requires a lot of his time, but we try to enjoy the time we have when our schedules do match!

Who is Jim?  I often ask myself! It's hard for me to narrow down what I am, but here it goes: I am a 37 year old kid (mentally, 14...). I am out of the closet to my friends, family, and work.  All are wonderful and accepting!  We have recently started a Gay Employee group at work and have been successful initiating a Domestic Partnership package!

I have held many jobs in my life: computer programmer, lifeguard, truck driver, gardener, actor, sound/light technician, composer, conductor, performer, artist (well, sort of.), ice packer, clerk, 'Soda Jerk', tutor, systems administrator, astronomer, physicist, network designer, class president, school senator and now doctor.

It's not that I can't make up my mind (although the thought has been put forth), but that I have too many interests to be stifled by ONE field!


How did we meet?  It all started in 1996...  I was 29, Michael 21!

Well, every year, there is a July 4th picnic at a nearby park -- Salt River Park.  This is run by a group of gay bar owners.  Well, I happened to know a bouncer at one of the bars, Gigi's.  Little did I know, but the bouncer had brought a friend -- Michael.   He was so cute!  He was wearing a CK hat, no shirt, Tommy Hilfiger underwear, and Dr. Martens boots.  Yum!   I was wearing a Body-Body Wear USA lycra set - shorts and tank top.

I was introduced to Michael, and he gave me the most enchanting smile!  I tried to be as 'professional' as I could... while inside I was losing it!   Well, we talked for a while, and milled around the party, but always stealing glances and smiles at each other.

We ended up on the dance floor toward the end of the evening, and that's the first time I saw how Michael could dance!   I guess we were sort of 'competing' in a way.  He would do some move, and I would counter with another...  I was getting ready to do back-flips when the music ended!

Well, we talked a little more, and I found that my bouncer friend was going home, so Michael needed a ride... well, I gallantly offered, and he accepted!   So we headed to my car.

I was so engrossed in what we were talking about, that I had forgotten that I needed to get gas!  (Oh... how cliche!)  We ran out on an exit from the freeway.   Of course, neither of use were dressed to be out like this.  We ended up walking a mile to a gas station, only to find out it was closed from a power outage!  The nearest next one was a mile away!  Well, we finally got gas and headed to my house, laughing about this!

We made some dinner, and continued to talk.   We ended up cuddling and I'll leave the rest to your imagination! 

Michael moved in with me within the next month... and the rest is history!

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