Clonidine Muscle Twitching

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Michael & I decided to take a trip this fall - we did a tour of the Northeastern portion of North America.   Leaving Detroit we headed off to Montreal -> Quebec City -> Augusta, Maine -> Ogunquit, Maine -> Boston, Mass. -> Provincetown, Mass -> Concord -> Montpelier -> Toronto -> Detroit!     Phew!   It was a great trip - although due to our warm summer, not as colorful as we had hoped, but still breathtaking!   Here are some of the pics from the trip!

Le Chateau Fontain - Beautiful hotel in Quebec!

Aww... Michael!

View of the St. Lawrence Seaway...


The Chateau!

bit of rain on our way...

Salem, Mass!

Great cemetery in the center of Salem!


Hello, my pretty!

Love the outfit!

Some beautiful architecture!

Garden at the House of Seven Gables

The house of Seven Gables!

We just HAD to get a pic of this! (Bunghole!!!!)

Gorgeous tree, huh!

Paul Revere's House

Front of the house

Park on the Freedom Trail

Bunker Hill Monument

Man, isn't it tall?

It's over 300 steps up... man, I needed oxygen by the time we got to the top!

A view from the bunker hill monument.


Plymouth Rock!

Learning on the Mayflower II

The Mayflower II, Plymouth, Mass.

View from balcony in Provincetown, Mass

We stayed at the Anchor Inn... a beautiful Bed and breakfast!

Suspension bridge in Boston!

Some of the colors... not quite there yet!

Niagara - beautiful, huh!