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Pictures from our trip to New Orleans over Labor Day Weekend!

One of the boys from Southern Decadence Trying to get Beads!
A view of Bourbon Street From the balcony of OZ.
The boys eating their bienets and Cafe au Lait at Cafe Du Monde!
Charles' crotch shot! Cinnabutt!
Cute waiter from Cafe Du Monde!
Jeff, Keith, Ted, Jim & Michael!
Charles, Ted, Jeff, Keith, Jim & Michael
Jeff showing his limberness!
Jeff REALLY showing his limberness!
Jim smiling at Cafe Du Monde!
Jim Pulling Ted's shorts down. Not that that was too hard!
Keith mulling over his coffee!
Michael & Bosley... both well behaved!
Michael trying to keep hydrated!
Put that damn camera away!
Carol Channing... 'Raspberries!'
Ted has the 'look'!
Jim & Michael upstairs at OZ... WARM!

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